Die hÀufigsten Fehler bei der Tillandsien-Pflege und wie du sie vermeidest.

The most common mistakes in tillandsia care and how to avoid them.

While it can generally be said that air plants are very easy to care for, there are still a few mistakes that can easily be avoided. In this blog article, we show you the most common mistakes people make when caring for tillandsia and give you tips on how to avoid them!

1. Mistake: Giving tillandsia too much water

Tillandsias absorb water through their leaves - this is completely normal and that's the way it should be. But if you spray them too frequently and soak them in water for too long, the leaves can start to wilt and curl. You should therefore only dip them briefly under the surface of the water every few days (once a week) to keep them moist. It is also very important that you dry well afterwards. More on that in this blog article.

2. Mistake: Using the “wrong” water

Watering tillandsia with calcareous water is suboptimal. The lime can even harm air plants. The suction scales (trichomes) through which they absorb the water become clogged over time and can then no longer absorb any water. It is therefore best to use rainwater to water them. You can also treat your calcareous tap water with a water filter, or mix it 1:1 with distilled water. We also offer our tillandsia care spray that provides the optimal mix of nutrients and water quality for your air plants.

3rd mistake: keep tillandsia in a dark place

Tillandsias don't like it when it's dark. They prefer bright, indirect sun. So if you put them in a dark place, they will eventually die. Preferably close to a window without direct midday sun. Some species tolerate more sun like Tillandsia Xerographica others also a little more shade like Tillandsia butzii .

4. Mistake: Not letting tillandsia get enough air

Tillandsia don't like it when humid air "stands". So put them in a place with good air circulation, possibly also a tilted window. The air circulation also ensures that the plants can dry off properly after watering, which is very important.

5th mistake: Fertilize tillandsia too much

If you also want to fertilize, note that tillandsias only need a little fertilizer every two weeks and only during the vegetation phase in the summer months. Our fertilizer concentrate is suitable for this. If you fertilize them too frequently, their leaves can discolor and wilt. Our tillandsia care spray contains a small amount of nutrients and can be used all year round without hesitation.

Now you know what is important when caring for tillandsia so that your air plants thrive, grow and also bloom. If you follow the tips above, you can be sure that you will enjoy your tillandsia for a long time.

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