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Buy tillandsia online

Luftikus-Airplants is an online shop specializing in the sale of tillandsia, also known as air plants.

We attach great importance to the fact that our plants come from sustainable cultivation and that wild stocks are protected.
So it doesn't always have to be Monstera, Ficus or Efeutute! Tillandsias are perhaps the simplest, most uncomplicated and low-maintenance houseplants imaginable. There are no limits to shape, color and variety. They do not require soil and can be used in many ways. Be it tied or glued on, whether in a table arrangement or in the terrarium the possibilities are endless.

Perfect for room decoration and fits any interior style

But you don't only get plants from us... Our holders and containers let the tillandsias come into their own and offer endless decorative ideas for room design with air plants. Whether in the living room, in the kitchen, even in the bathroom, the possibilities are almost unlimited. All Luftikus Airplants holders are made from selected natural materials and are manufactured in Germany and Europe.

Tillandsia care tips and inspiration

On our Luftikus-Airplants Blog you will find everything about the correct care of air plants so that your plants always look vital and fresh. We also offer decoration ideas and inspiration for your home.

Air plants are perfect as gifts, promotional gifts and souvenirs

We also offer tillandsia in great gift boxes . These can also be customized. Talk to us and we will show you all the options for placing your company logo, for example.