Everyone needs moments of rest in everyday life. Man feels what he sees and that is enough
often a visual haven of calm in order to relax internally as well.

Any room can become a haven of peace and relaxation.

Your own paradise at home

How about a self-contained piece of nature , a sphere, a microcosm that fits on any desk?

biOrb AIR is a stylish design object that is particularly easy to care for and of high quality . Enjoy a whole world at a glance. Customize them completely according to your wishes.

The power of nature

With the biOrb AIR you bring the relaxing power of nature into your home.

Moisture, light conditions and air supply for plants are regulated automatically .

The automatic function of the bioOrb AIR 30 can be set to different climate zones (tropical, moderate, semi-arid), so that both tillandsia from tropical regions and desert land tillandis find perfect conditions. Of course, bromeliads, orchids and other succulents also thrive.

  • biOrb Grafik Luftzirkulation


    With the whisper-quiet fan, fresh air is gently sucked in and expelled again through the replaceable activated carbon filter.

  • biOrb AIR Grafik Beleuchtung und Vernebler

    light & humidity

    The integrated LED lighting simulates a 24-hour cycle with sunrise and sunset, with the humidity being kept at ideal values ​​with the integrated fogger.

  • biOrb AIR Grafik Kapillarmatte


    For ground-rooted plants, water is transferred to the compost soil via the capillary mat for even moistening without overwatering.

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biOrb AIR Terrarium in dunklem Wohnzimmer

Free choice of location

The biOrb AIR can be placed anywhere, even in the darkest corner. Enjoy a unique piece of nature in your home with your family, friends and visitors.

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biOrb AIR 30 Lieferumfang

All in one

Unpack and get started. Everything is included in the box to get started right away. With the user - friendly instruction manual and numbered packs , assembly is a breeze .

Simply add plants of your choice and other decorations * and create your personal indoor jungle .

Plug in, switch on and your biOrb AIR automatically provides the perfect conditions.

*available seperately

Setup example

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