Tillandsien Lampe - DIY Projekt

Tillandsia lamp - DIY project

New DIY blog series

With this blog post we would like to start a new series in which we keep showing you creative ideas for designing with tillandsia and air plants.
The possibilities are almost unlimited and everything will be very easy to implement yourself.

plant art

Plant artist and aquascaper Jonas Loose created this incredible plant sculpture in cooperation with us. A glass terrarium with tillandsia, which is also a floor lamp. Definitely the eye-catcher in every living room!
And thanks to the integrated lighting, even the choice of location is easy. As long as the lighting is on for a sufficiently long time, even darker corners in the apartment are not a problem.

Step by step video tutorial

Watch the video with the step-by-step instructions here:

Plant selection, tips & tricks

And? Do you also want to be creative?
Many different glass bowls / vases and vessels are conceivable as terrariums.

Basically, you can distinguish between a rather dry terrarium (e.g. half-open glass bowl) and a wet terrarium (closed). In addition, of course, it still has to be sprayed.

Examples of suitable plants would be:



For the correct choice of plants and other tips and tricks, please send us a message.

More information about Jonas:


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Photos / Video by Jonas Loose

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