Tillandsien in der Natur

Tillandsia in nature

You have to keep reminding yourself that these exotic plants really do occur in nature. It is beautiful to see tillandsias growing in their natural environment! Their distribution area extends almost over the entire American continent. They can be found anywhere from bare rock to treetops to power lines. Their natural range extends from Florida and Texas down to Mexico and South America. Both in very low-precipitation and cool-humid habitats. Here are a few of the most impressive and beautiful photos from the internet showing the air plants in their natural habitat.

Tillandsia on telephone line

Tillandsia usenoides in natural habitat - Ecuador

Tillandsia fasciculata (11122203075)

Beautiful spanish moss Tillandsiapueblensis (5740038882)

distribution and habitat

Tillandsia species are found from the south of the USA to almost the southern tip of South America (neotropic). They grow:

  • epiphytic on trees and cacti, on rocks, roofs and even telephone wires almost throughout its range,
  • in large parts of the distribution area also terrestrial i.e. living on the ground,
  • in the hot sandy desert of the coast, the Atacama desert (e.g. Tillandsia purpurea),
  • also in the hot and humid tropical rain forests,
  • the cool, also humid cloud and cloud forests,
  • in deeply incised dry valleys
  • and in the high steppes at altitudes of up to 4000 meters.

Tillandsia distribution area
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