Die 5 besten Dekoideen mit Tillandsia usneoides

The 5 best decoration ideas with Tillandsia usneoides

When it comes to decorating ideas, there is hardly a plant that is as versatile and at the same time uncomplicated as this airy beauty. Tillandsia usneoides is known for its unique appearance and remarkable adaptability. Although she doesn't have a traditional root system, she can thrive in almost any environment and offers a wealth of creative ways to enhance your home. Whether in the living room, office, bathroom or outside in summer. In this blog post, we will share with you the five best decorating ideas and how you can create an atmosphere full of naturalness and style with this unique plant.

Tillandsia usneoides, Spanish moss, Louisiana moss

The Louisiana moss (Tillandsia usneoides) is a unique epiphytic plant that occurs over a wide natural range from the United States to Argentina and Chile. It belongs to the extensive genus Tillandsia and the plant family Bromeliaceae (Bromeliaceae). The German name Louisianamoos refers to its natural habitat, while "Spanish Moss" shows the connection to the Spanish-speaking countries of South America. Under the Spanish name "cabello de hadas" (fairy hair) there is a legend that the Louisiana moss represents the hair of a princess who died on her wedding day. Out of grief, the groom is said to have cut off her hair and hung it in a tree. The wind then carried the hair all over the country. This is how this curious hanging plant spreads in reality.

Idea #1

Of course, on a branch

Very classic and just like in nature. Take a naturally grown branch and attach the Louisiana moss to it. For example with a wire or nylon thread. The branch itself can be attached to the ceiling or similar with a hemp or jute rope. The branch can also be attached directly to a wall.

Idea #2

As a jellyfish / hanging pot

Even if Tillandsia usneoides does not need a pot or container, you can still hang it decoratively out of a hanging pot or hanging basket. They also look particularly funny in a sea urchin shell, where they are reminiscent of jellyfish. you can even buy them ready-made here in our shop. But of course you can also make them yourself in all imaginable variations. For example with half a coconut shell.

Idea #3

in the bathroom

The bathroom or shower is the perfect place for Tillandsia usneoides if there is enough light. The Louisiana moss loves the changing humidity and finds the best conditions to thrive there.

Idea #4

Like a plant curtain

A curtain of plants from Tillandsia usneoides gives an enchanting natural effect. Divide the bundle of plants into individual strands and tie them to a pole or taut string in a row.

Idea #5

As a lampshade

This idea is also perfect for an outdoor lounge in summer. There are ready-made bamboo lampshades to buy or you can make your own mobile lampshade out of wire rings.


Louisiana moss loves bright locations, although direct, blazing sunlight should first be used to it. In the summer, there is also the perfect place outside and there, in a good location, it is maintenance-free.


With sufficiently high humidity, very low maintenance. Otherwise, spray vigorously 2-3 times a week with low-lime water or our tillandsia care spray . It is important that the plant can dry off quickly and quickly.

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